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A Full Motorcycle Licence London
DAS Direct Access course

A Direct Access (DAS) Course London
What can you do?

It is an unrestricted licence you can ride any sized engine motorbike, carry pillion passengers, ride without L plates, and ride on the motorway.

What are the requirements to take it?

To begin the A2 restricted licence course London you must be 24 or older. You need to hold a full or provisional UK licence. Alternatively you need to be 21 or older with 2 years’ experience since holding an A2 licence. If you hold an EU Driving Licence a UK Counterpart must be obtained from the DVLA by completing a Form D9 at the post office or online. You must hold a CBT course certificate (DL196) if you don’t hold an A2 licence. And you must have passed a Motorcycle theory test. London Bike Training can help you to pass a CBT course if don’t already have one and book you for your Motorcycle theory test.



You will also need to complete a FREE compulsory 30 minute assessment so we can ascertain your skill and ability. This is to make sure you get the correct course tailored to your needs, more information is written here.

The DAS course is split into 2 modules known as MOD1 TEST and MOD2 TEST.

To gain more information see the DAS syllabus page.

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• Get your A1 Licence as soon as you turn 17+,
• Take your A2 Intermediate licence from 19+
• Pass you’re A Full Motorcycle Licence when your 24+
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