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A2 Restricted Licence London

A2 – Restricted Licence course, London
Ride a medium sized bike, 395cc – 47bhp intermediate access
What can you do with it?

A2 licence is for riders aged 19+ this course allows you to take your test on a 400cc motorcycle with power output 25KW/33bhp but not exceeding 35KW/46.6bhp) after you pass you can ride a Motorcycle up to 46.6bhp, you can now restrict any motorcycle in which its manufacturer power output does not exceed 92bhp, The A2 does NOT mature into a full unrestricted licence. However you have the advantages of a full licence, you can carry a pillion passenger, you can ride on motorways, and you don’t need to use L plates.

What are the requirements to take it?

To begin the A2 restricted licence course London you must be 19 or above. You need to hold a full or provisional UK licence. If you hold an EU Driving Licence, a UK Counterpart must be obtained from the DVLA by completing the Form D9, from the post office or online. You must hold a CBT course certificate (DL196); we can still accept you if you completed your CBT from somewhere else, and have passed a Motorcycle Theory test. London bike training can help you to pass a CBT course if you haven’t already completed one and book you for your Motorcycle theory test.









You will also need to complete a FREE compulsory 30 minute assessment so we can ascertain your skills and ability to make sure you get the correct course tailored to your needs, more information .

Can I do more in the Future?

To progress to a higher engine size, you will need to wait 2 years. Then take the direct access training course. Alternatively you can wait until the age of 24+ to take the test on a 600cc 54bhp motorcycle. The full Direct access course will allow you to ride any size bike unrestricted. The A2 does NOT mature into a full unrestricted licence. You have the advantages of a full licence, but you are restricted to the engine size of your bike until you take an unrestricted licence, after 2 years or when you have turned 24 whichever is sooner.

So what does the A2 Restricted Access London involve?

Once you have passed your CBT course and passed a Motorcycle theory test, you can then take your practical tests.
The A2 restricted licence practical tests are MOD1 and MOD2.

Module 1

This is called the manoeuvres test, and is conducted on an off road site and involves elements you will have done on your CBT. Throughout this test you are expected to use full and effective observations.You will be required to:

• Wheeling the motorcycle around and use of the stand
• Joint slalom into figure of eight
• Slow ride
• U-turn, cornering into controlled stop
• Emergency stop
• Finishing with Hazard avoidance

Module 2

You MUST bring your Motorcycle Theory Test Pass Certificate, your CBT Course Pass Certificate and your MOD 1 Pass Certificate before you will legally be allowed to take a MOD 2 test. If you do not have them no one is allowed to test you.You will receive the best scheduled on road training from our DVSA approved instructors. Preparing you with intensive training for your on road MOD 2 test.

What happens during MOD 2?

During the module 2:
• First eyesight test.
• Safety questions.
• On road riding.
• Independent riding.
• Balance questions.


In Summary


Ride on motorways, ride without L plates and carry pillion passengers.

Complete the Staged access route, when you have held an A2 licence for a minimum of 2 years. A further practical test at 21 will upgrade you to an A licence allowing you to ride any cc motorcycle giving you a full and unrestricted motorcycle licence!

Don’t delay book your test today!
• Get your A1 Licence as soon as you turn 17+,
• Take your A2 Intermediate Licence from 19+
• Pass you’re A Full Motorcycle Licence when your 24+