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Beginners Guide

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Where to Begin


So you want to become a rider? This can be one of the most enriching things you choose to learn in life. However, it can be full of questions and difficult decisions. Are you thinking of riding a 50cc-125cc scooter? Or motorcycle for commuting to work? Is this a hobby? Or the first step onto something bigger like a 600cc motorbike. That is why we at London Bike Training have created this simple 3 step guide to help you decide what course of action to take. All the relevant and confusing law and information is written out simply to help you decide. Part 1 deals with the licence, part 2 with the relevant factors you need to consider, and part 3 is where it all comes together and you choose the write course for you.

And remember if you have any questions than please contact the London Bike training office and our staff will be more than willing to assist in helping you! 0203 417 0288

Step 1 – The Licence.


Any Motorcycle training course from CBT to the DAS courses you will need a licence before you can start learning.

How old are you?

There are certain age restrictions on Bike licence with counter partlearning to ride a Motorbike. At different ages you can gain different licences as shown in the chart. The different types of licence will be put in more detail in Part 3 below.
Type Age
CBT 16+
A2 17+
A1 19 +
A 24+ Or 21 with 2 years A2 experience

Do you have a licence?

If you have no licence at all you can apply for a licence at your local post office with a D1 form or you can apply online.  If you have a full licence and you want to exchange to the UK licence then you must check out the website for the procedure

If you have a European Licence you will need to apply for a paper counterpart.

Click here for theory application

Otherwise a Full or provisional UK licence will allow you to take a course.

Step 2 – Which Bike


Now you know about your licence, you need to think about what is the purpose of your licence and what type of bike you would like.

Do you want an Automatic or Manual?

For a DAS we advise people to learn on a manual, this is so you know how to ride both. But if you don’t want to deal with gears you can learn to ride on an automatic. Although, on any DAS course if you pass on an automatic, this means you would be restricted to only Automatic bikes in the future.

What size bike do you want to ride?

Bikes are put into categories of their power, ranging from as little as 50cc moped to a powerful 1300cc Harley Davidson. If you have a certain bike in mind it will affect what licence you will want to go for. If you have a restricted Licence and want to purchase a bike you may have to pay for a bike to be restricted by the manufacturer.

You’re Motivation for learning?

Do you intend to commute to work? Do a touring trip across the UK? Or Europe? Or have you just always wanted to learn. The motivation you have for wanting to learn can determine which licence you should pursue. If you’re planning to ride without L plates, ride on a Motorway, or ride with passengers you will need to go for a less restricted bike licence.

Licence Guide

A guide to bike licences