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Motorbike Theory Test

Before you can take your motorbike licence you will need to pass your theory test. The DVSA is responsible for this. You can book your theory test here 

What is the Theory Test?

The theory test is split into two parts, a multiple choice question part and a Hazard Perception test. Once you complete the theory test it will last you two years before it expires. If you do not pass your DAS course in that time you will need to take the test again.

The first part consists of 50 multiple choice questions, covering a wide range of topics from the Highway Code. The Highway Code which is essential reading and an online copy of the motoring section can be found here, to pass you must answer 43 or more questions correctly in 57 minutes. Before you start you will have the option of practising to get used to the system, a screen will display images and questions you must answer by touching the screen. Once you feel more confident operating the system you can then take the actual test.

If you would like to practice the DVSA provides to practice tests, here and here 

The second part of the test will be the Hazard perception test.

Hazard perception

Hazard perception is the second part of the UK driving theory test. It has been part of the theory test since 2002. The test involves you watching video clips and clicking once you see a hazard forming. Thousands of students fail the hazard perception test every year so it is worth getting acquainted with it. Most Theory Test packages have a Hazard perception simulation so it’s worth trying when you’re practicing.

Common Hazard you will see are
• Hidden Road Junctions and turns
• Vehicles changing/merging lanes
• Pedestrians exiting vehicles, crossing the road
• Pedestrians or cyclists crossing the road
• Weather Conditions
• Road surfaces
• Vehicles emerging from side roads, parking places or driveways
• Junctions and roundabouts
• Large vehicles moving over to your side of the road
• Horse riders

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