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Pillion Passenger Questions

As part of your test you will be asked a question on riding with a pillion passenger. We will go through everything you need to know in London Bike Trainings Classroom at our training site. Below is some information on what will be asked and the points you’d need to refer to in your answers.


The Examiner will ask one of the following questions at the end of the test.

Advice, you would give a pillion passenger.

• Make sure they are wearing the correct clothing including an approved safety helmet.
• Make sure they sit on the bike astride, facing forwards with their feet on the foot pegs at all times.
• Tell them were to hold onto. Either on to the rider or to the grab rail.
• Don’t fidget about.
• Lean along with the rider and the bike into the corners.
• Don’t do any arm signals.
• Don’t look over my (the drivers) shoulder.

What changes would you make to the bike if you were taking a pillion passenger?

• Increase the tyre pressures according to the manufacturer’s advice (owner’s manual).
• Adjust the suspension according to the manufacturer’s advice (owner’s manual).
• Fold the foot pegs down.
• Adjust the headlights according to the manufacturer’s advice (owner’s manual).
• Adjust the mirrors up, as the back will squat down.

How is the extra weight on the back going to affect the handling?

• Acceleration is going to be affecting. On more powerful bikes the front could go very light.
• Deceleration is affected. Stopping distances are going to increase.
• Cornering is going to be affected. Centre of gravity is higher therefore it is wise to go into corners slower.
• Front wheel is going to be lighter. Therefore it will feel a little bit vague.

What would affect your balance?

• Wind.
• Drink/Drugs.
• Poorly maintained machine.
• Additional weight.
• Road surface.