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The first step if you don’t have a full car licence or provisional is to apply for the provisional licence. You can do this here. the provisional licence cost £50. As soon as you receive this you are able to take your theory and CBT (compulsory basic training course) firstly the CBT at London bike training is achievable in one day but can take longer. After passing your CBT you are now allowed to ride mopeds 49cc and motorcycle up to 125cc on the CBT. The CBT does NOT allow you to carry passengers or ride on motorways we are fully DSA approved so on completion of the CBT you can walk away with your certificate from our training centre.

Step two is the theory test. London bike training will book you for your theory test. The theory test has 2 parts the first part is known as multiple choices, which is a A, B, C, D, E, question and answers. There is a total of 50 questions in this test and you must not score below 43 to pass. The second half of this test is known as Hazard perception. This consist of a series of videos where you have to identify 15 potential hazard in 14 videos all lasting around 1 minute. This is scored between 0 and 5 per video clip by pressing the mouse button when you see developing hazards. The maximum score is 75 points and you must not score below 44 to pass.

Step three is training and practical tests. There are 2 practical test the first test is known as the MOD 1 or MODULE 1 and the second test MOD 2 or MODULE 2.

Before starting the MOD 1, MODULE 1 test the examiner will ask to see your licence, which will consist of photo card and counterpart. Your theory pass certificate and your CBT certificate. When he is satisfied you may begin your test.

MOD 1, MODULE 1 test is a short test which is all off road and will last between 15 to 20 minutes. Your will be asked to perform some simple manoeuvres,

1. Stands and manual handling
2. Slalom
3. Figure of eight
4. Slow ride
5. U-turn
6. Cornering and Controlled stop
7. Cornering and emergency stop
8. Cornering hazard avoidance

You must complete the emergency top and hazard avoidance with a minimum speed, for mopeds it will be 19 mph, motorcycles it will be 32mph.

You will get to practice all manoeuvres with London bike training allowing you to pass your MOD 1 MODULE 1 practical off road test.

Before starting your MOD 2 MODULE 2 test you will have to show your examiner your licence consisting of photo card and counterpart, your theory pass certificate, your CBT certificate and your MOD 1 pass certificate.
MOD 2, MODULE 2 test is on road and lasts around 40 to 45 minute. Once the examiner is happy with your paperwork he will give you a radio so he can communicate directions whilst on the road. The test will include
1. Eyesight test
2. Safety questions
3. Road riding
4. Independent riding

You will have to correctly read a number plate from a minimum of 20 metres away, this is for new style number plates, for old styles number plates it’s a minimum of 20.5 metres away.
London bike training will provide study material for the safety questions, ther are free and downloadable from
During your road riding the examiner will be in contact via radio. The radio is only one way. He will use the radio to communicate the direction in which he would like you to follow. He will ask you to perform a normal stop, an angle stop, which will consist of pulling out from a parked vehicle on the road and a hill start.
During the independent riding part of your test you will have to ride independently following traffic sings, a series of directions or possibly a combination of the two.
Once this is complete your examiner will direct you back to the test centre , the examiner will continue to debreife your road ride and let you know if you have failed or successfully passed your test.