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A Word to Parents

We understand that to some parents our kids never grow up, they’re always our little boy or girl. So the thought of your teen going out onto the road can be a scary one.

So we at London Bike Training would like to reassure you of any fears you may be having. All of our instructors are DVSA approved, they are friendly and the most important thing to them is the safety of the student. If a student is not doing something adequately we will give them more training and if at the end of the day they are still not safe enough we will advise them to come back and get more training before they receive their certificate.

If you have any questions you will be more than welcome to contact us by phone or email. You can come visit our site before booking, and on the day we have a waiting area on site where you will be able to sit down and have a cup of tea and watch as we teach your teen.

But remember a CBT can be a great start for your teen, giving them some responsibility and freedom as part of their journey into adulthood. Getting a CBT license can be a liberating experience for your teen and for you. They will no longer be reliant on you to transport them around; they won’t have to wait around for buses at night and can ride directly to where they need to go. It can also give them a reason not to drink as they’ll be riding around on their moped or scooter later. It also makes a great and slightly different present for them, whether for their Birthday, Christmas or a reward for good grades it will put a smile on their face.
In summary, London Bike Training will give your kid a best start to riding on the road in a safe manner; we will work hard to assuage any fears of doubts and won’t let them on the road unless we’re sure they can ride safely.